Align With Valleen

Valleen Day

Master Foot Zoner
Foot Zone Instructor
Reiki Master

Become Aligned...

Oh, hey! I am Valleen, but you can call me Val! I have been foot zoning for over 5 years, started teaching 3 years ago, and recently became a Reiki master. I am an essential oil educator and crystal healing enthusiast. I also offer coaching on becoming better aligned- mentally, emotionally, spiritually, & physically. I focus on holistic healing by looking at all levels of wellness in your life & being. I have helped hundreds of clients stop stuffing, and start feeling & dealing. I can't wait to be your healing hype girl!

Val has a true gift. My experiences with her foot zones have always proved comforting, educating, and beneficial. Her knowledge is unparalleled and her warm personality help make you feel like a friend, not just a client. I can’t say enough great things about Val!

Sadie M

Love Val!! If you have ever question the value of getting a foot zone, you won’t after going to her. She makes you feel comfortable, validated, and she truly has a gift!!


Valleen is so ‘in tune’ and has so much knowledge, she has been able to help me heal my body through footzoning. I have been to her several times with different issues and she has helped figure things out! She is amazing!

Ashley S